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SchoolsAt SQRsolutions, we realize that schools must constantly work to keep up with legislation governing the educational needs of young students, and they must do so under shrinking budgets. We want to work with you personally to help ensure you can afford the best educational technology available to engage your students in the learning process. SQRsolutions has access to products leading the EdTech field and resources both for educators and students, and we want to help you create personal orders and make sure you can afford the technology you need in your classrooms.


from SQRsolutions's edtech catalog:
  • STEM resources
  • Special needs/Accessibility equipment
  • Educator Guidance DVDs

How can we help you?

Here at SQRsolutions, we like to stay on top of the latest EdTech developments. We're currently in the process of developing specialized collections to help facilitate your purchasing decisions, but in the meantime feel free to browse our most popular categories in learning technology. Contact an account representative at (440) 355-8008 to learn about our special bundling programs for schools. 

STEM Education is an important new trend in education reform. The technology industry is the most rapidly growing and thriving field, and a background in STEM can provide students with great career opportunities in the future. SQRsolutions supports any and all who want to promote the study of science, math, and technologies in young students.
One of the most successful methods of encouraging children to become active and engaged learners at an early age is through the use of Educational Software games. These games will hone their math, language and critical thinking skills in an interactive and entertaining way. Who says learning has to be boring? We carry titles from all the most popular manufacturers.
Want to go mobile? Work with a qualified representative to design your own Mobile Projection Kit.